[Gluster-Maintainers] Release 3.10: Documentation of new features

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Mon Jan 23 19:28:28 UTC 2017


When we release the first beta for 3.10 (slated post the 26th Jan date, 
where we expect the last set of features to make it into the code), we 
would like to get some testing from our user base as well. Towards this 
we need documentation for the new features to be available so that the 
users can test out the new features as needed.

This mail is to request documentation links for the same from feature 
owners, that can be *consumed* by the *users*. If something is internal 
and does not need documentation then do call those out as well.

1) Disable creation of trash directory by default (Anoop/Jiffin)

2) Implement statedump for gfapi applications (Poornima, Niels)

3) volume expansion/contraction for tiered volumes (stage 1 - tier as a 
service) (Hari/Milind)

4) Estimate how long it will take for a rebalance operation to complete 
(Nithya) (backport required to 3.10)

5) Support to get maximum op-version supported in a heterogeneous 
cluster (Samikshan)

6) Add information on op-version for clients to volume status output 

Pending merge:

7) Add brick multiplexing (Jeff)

8) switch to storhaug for HA for ganesha and samba (Kaleb)


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