[Gluster-Maintainers] Meeting minutes: 23rd Aug, 2017

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Wed Aug 23 18:15:25 UTC 2017

Gluster maintainer meeting notesMeeting date: 08/23/2017 (August 23rd)BJ

   - Download: https://bluejeans.com/s/rNeVh
   - Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/205933580


   - [Sorry note]: MAdam, MiSc, Atin,
   - Amar, Poornima, Kaushal, Nithya, Amye, Nigel, Shyam, Vijay, Niels,



   Recap of pending AI from previous weeks:
   - Mails on GD2, volume set changes, volgen changes, protocol changes
      - Mail on Gluster 4.0 release [Draft]
         - Check the mail thread here
         - Check the draft here
      - Draft on how to subscribe to changes and create a dashboard for
      your component

   Plan for Gluster Summit 2017
   - Should maintainers discuss anything specific other than Gluster 4.0
         - [Shyam] Operations of project, like what is working good, what
         can improve etc.
         - [Amye] yes we should that (maintainers BoF)
         - [VBellur] BoF should help to discuss further design discussions
         in person.
      - Schedule to be released Friday Pacific time
      - Travel deadlines to be announced

   Release 3.12 Status check
   - Things look good w.r.to patch backlog
      - fstat output: bitrot, gfid resolution in afr (are of concern)
      - all patches which are in 3.8, 3.10, 3.11 are also in branch
      - run glusto on release-3.12
      - RPMs have some issues, Shyam is working with Kaleb on this.
      - AI: Release notes need a review by all, Shyam to send a mail on
      this [Shyam]

   Release 4.0
   - GD2 status check
         - CLI peer cmd patch is ready.
         - volgen patches are in work.
         - planned hackathon in RHT BLR office.
         - Should plan a hackathon for community, and give a demo to
         Gluster Dev community.
         - Provide a good patch which can serve as an example for others to
         adapt to the newer way of doing things.
      - gfproxy
         - problem is graph switch issues can be of concern.
         - portmapper.
         - gfproxy to run on TSP for now.
         - glusterd2 integration would be critical.
      - protocol changes
         - initial patch is in experimental
         - namelink/icreate fops to serve as an example
      - Round table (on status check)
         - [Shyam]: RIO: working in experimental branch
         - [Shyam]: RIO: posix to be re-used, currently needs a re-ordering.
         - [Shyam]: RIO: working on entry ops, to show a demo at earliest.
         - [Amar]: Working on Error Codes: Very critical, initial work
         started. Lot of code change, need reviewers soon. Currently working in
         experimental branch

   Deepshika is now peer on Gluster CI. See
   - We don’t have a documented process for new peers at this point.
      - We went with both maintainers acking.
      - [Amar]: This is the valid process, and is already agreed upon with
      Maintainers v2.0 document.



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