[Gluster-Maintainers] On knowledge transfer of some of the components

Raghavendra Gowdappa rgowdapp at redhat.com
Mon Aug 21 06:17:53 UTC 2017


I am thinking of covering following topics:

* Resolution of path to inodes 
  - named vs nameless lookups, 
  - fresh vs revalidate lookups, 
  - What kind of lookups can happen on various interfaces like fuse, aux-gfid mounts, gfapi and high level discussion of how they need to be handled (for eg., in dht)
  - anonymous fds, 
  - gfid/entry resolution in fuse/brick, 
  - state in fd/inode,
  - inode table management - fuse, bricks (with brick-multiplexing), gfapi
  - impact of graph switches, 
  - healing.

* performance xlators (read-caching) - read-ahead, io-cache, quick-read, open-behind
* performance xlators (write-caching) - write-behind
* performance xlators (dentry prefetching) - readdir-ahead
* rpc/transport. I had already given a talk on this. Will go through the recording to check whether I've missed out anything. will schedule a talk on this if new content need to be added
* Different ways concurrency/parallelism is introduced in Glusterfs - stack-wind/unwind, multithreads, synctasks
  - A brief overview of control flow of a fop in various threads like /dev/fuse reader thread, event-threads, io-threads etc

If I've missed out any topics, please let me know and if it is in my area of expertise will add it to the list. If any of you like to chime in on different topics you are welcome :) and we can work out a schedule.

I am thinking of scheduling a talk of 1 to an hour and half duration every Tuesday 7:30 pm IST. Will send out the actual dates/schedule if this time is comfortable for majority. I am open to alternative time slots too.

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> Subject: On knowledge transfer of some of the components
> Hi all,
> Each one of you have been mentioned as a Peer to one or more components I am
> a maintainer of [1] and is relatively new to the component. So, we need to
> come up with ways where effective knowledge transfer is done to enable you
> to take independent decisions for issues concerned. Some of the ways I can
> think of are:
> From me,
> * giving a high level architectural overview
> * giving a code walk-through explaining idiosyncrasies
> From you,
> * scourging through bugzilla/mailing lists for issues on individual
> components and finding RCA and fixes. I can help you to prioritize and with
> discussions to the best of my capacity.
> * reading/changing/thinking about code and architecture. If the component is
> active, code reviewing is definitely a good way to start and to keep
> informed about component.
> * identifying weak points and suggesting improvements to the component. IOW,
> charting roadmap.
> I would like to hear from you on how to go about this exercise. Suggestions
> and help with logistics of organizing talks/sessions (if necessary) are
> welcome.
> [1] https://review.gluster.org/17583
> regards,
> Raghavendra

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