[Gluster-Maintainers] Disable experimental features in Release-3.9

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Fri Sep 30 10:00:13 UTC 2016

On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 11:29:30AM +0530, Aravinda wrote:
> Hi,
> Following features are not ready or not planned for 3.9 release. Do we have
> any option to disable these features using ./configure options in
> release-3.9 branch or we need to revert all the patches related to the
> feature.
> - dht2
> - jbr
> Please add if we need to disable/remove any other features from release-3.9
> branch

Please remove the experimental sources completely. This gives a strong
signal to everyone that 3.9 will not accept patches to improve those
experimental features.

Note that there is a symbol in gfapi that has version 4.0. This needs to
be removed as well.

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