[Gluster-Maintainers] Build failed in Jenkins: regression-test-burn-in #709

jenkins at build.gluster.org jenkins at build.gluster.org
Sun Jun 5 04:50:45 UTC 2016

See <http://build.gluster.org/job/regression-test-burn-in/709/changes>


[Venky Shankar] features/changelog: Don't modify 'pargfid' in 'resolve_pargfid_to_path'

[Aravinda VK] tools/glusterfind: add --full option to query command

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Don't lookup/forget inodes

[Jeff Darcy] nsr: Introducing a happy path test case

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd/syncop: double free of frame stack

[Jeff Darcy] tests: add open-behind.t to bad tests

[Jeff Darcy] locks: fix build breakage from missing pl-messages.h

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: gluster-ganesha requires pacemaker, etc., on RHEL6

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: Allocate fresh port on brick (re)start

[Jeff Darcy] cli: Make CLI timeout configurable

[Jeff Darcy] fdl: fix make clean

[Jeff Darcy] fdl: fix "used before set" warnings in librecon

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: clean dead initializations

[Jeff Darcy] syncop: Add parallel dir scan functionality

[Jeff Darcy] cluster/afr: Use parallel dir scan functionality

[atin] glusterd: build realpath post recreate of brick mount for snapshot

[Vijaikumar M] quota/cli: display quota usage on path when limit not set

[atin] glusterd: fill real_path variable in brickinfo during volume import

[Raghavendra G] dht: lock on subvols to prevent lookup vs rmdir race

[Raghavendra G] marker: build_ancestry in marker

[Vijaikumar M] quota: check inode limits only when new file/dir is created

[Vijaikumar M] posix_acl: skip acl_permits for special clients

[Vijaikumar M] marker: do mq_reduce_parent_size_txn in FG for unlink & rmdir

[Vijaikumar M] marker: optimize mq_update_dirty_inode_task

[Jeff Darcy] tests: improve vagrant usability

[Jeff Darcy] dht: lock on subvols to prevent rename and lookup selfheal race

[Raghavendra G] rpc: assign port only if it is unreserved

[Jeff Darcy] cli: fix double free of options dictionary

[Niels de Vos] NFS: new option nfs.rdirplus added

[Jeff Darcy] tests: fix per-test core detection

[Jeff Darcy] dht: add "nuke" functionality for efficient server-side deletion

[Jeff Darcy] Adding distaf tests directory structure to tests dir

[Jeff Darcy] tests: Fix typo in split-brain-healing.t

[Jeff Darcy] socket: Don't cleanup encrypted transport in socket_connect()

[Pranith Kumar K] libglusterfs: Refactor packing of arguments

[Pranith Kumar K] extras: Add namespace for options in group-virt.example

[Pranith Kumar K] arbiter: write performance improvement

[Jeff Darcy] posix_acl: create inode ctx for posix_acl_get

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: populate brickinfo->real_path conditionally

[Jeff Darcy] features/shard: Make o-direct writes work with sharding

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Fix witness counting code in src/sink detection

[Jeff Darcy] dht: extend time for "nuke" test's janitor-cleanup check

[Jeff Darcy] tests: use trap mechanism to ensure that proper cleanups happen

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: coverity fix for insecure temporary file

[Jeff Darcy] io-stats: Fix overwriting of client profile by the bricks

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd-client: switch volfile server incase existing connection

[Jeff Darcy] glusterfsd: coverity fix

[Jeff Darcy] tests: fix regression failure from

[Jeff Darcy] extras: Enable failed-tests.py to fetch regression summary for more

[Jeff Darcy] extras: Fix the create_new_xlator tool

[atin] mgmt/glusterd: Change op-version for max-threads, shd-wait-qlength

[atin] Revert "glusterd: Allocate fresh port on brick (re)start"

[Jeff Darcy] rpc: check the right variable after gf_strdup

[Jeff Darcy] libglusterfs: coverity fix

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Fix partial heals in 3-way replication

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] tests: fix syntax error in 0symbol-check.t

[Vijay Bellur] Build fix: remove undefined -I${rpclibdir}

[Raghavendra G] mount/fuse: report ESTALE as ENOENT

[Raghavendra G] quota: setting 'read-only' option in xdata to instruct DHT to not heal

[Kaushal M] Tier: tier command fails message when any node is down

[Aravinda VK] geo-rep: Fix hostname mismatch between volinfo and geo-rep status

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Fix spurious entries in heal info

[Jeff Darcy] quota : fix null dereference issues in quota

[Pranith Kumar K] core: add lease fop

[Pranith Kumar K] io-threads: Add lease() fop

[Pranith Kumar K] posix: Add lease() fop

[Venky Shankar] features/marker: Fix dict_get errors when key is NULL

[Vijay Bellur] features/crypt: Whitespace Cleanup

[Rajesh Joseph] snapshot/quota: Copy quota.cksum during snapshot operations

[Raghavendra G] cluster/distribute: detect stale layouts in entry fops

[Niels de Vos] qemu-block: mop leftover code

[Niels de Vos] statedump: Prevent (null) typestr to be printed

[Niels de Vos] Revert "NFS-Ganesha : scripts related changes for supporting multiple

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Fix inode-leak in data self-heal

[Niels de Vos] build: remove unused gf_darwin_compat_*xattr() functions

[Niels de Vos] build: reduce warnings when building the syscall compatibility layer

[Rajesh Joseph] clone/snapshot: Save restored_from_snap for clones

[Kaushal M] cli/quota: Sort the list output alphabetically by path

[Jeff Darcy] runner: extract and return actual exit status of child

[Jeff Darcy] vagrant-test: added more options and centos6 base box

[Jeff Darcy] dht: Add lease() fop

[Jeff Darcy] dht/rebalance: Handle GF_DEFRAG_STOP

[Jeff Darcy] tier/dht: check for rebalance completion for EIO error

[Michael Scherer] Use pthread_equal to compare threads

[Jeff Darcy] nsr/jbr: Renaming nsr to jbr

[atin] glusterd: SSL certificate depth volume option is incorrect

[Pranith Kumar K] performance/decompounder: Introducing decompounder xlator

[Raghavendra G] storage/posix: change the conflicting msg-id

[Aravinda VK] geo-rep: Fix checkpoint issue in scheduler

[Jeff Darcy] inode: Always fetch first entry from the inode lists during

[Kaushal M] glusterd: fix validation of lower op-version check in volume set

[Jeff Darcy] devel-tools: vagrant setup for creating devel VMs

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: additional dirs and files in /var/lib/glusterd/

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaflibs: organize distaflibs to use namespace packages

[Pranith Kumar K] afr: propagate child up event after timeout

[Niels de Vos] glusterd: default value of nfs.disable, change from false to true

[Niels de Vos] snapshot: svc_stat collides with define from /usr/include/rpc/svc.h

[Jeff Darcy] Rename enum _gf_client_pid to _gf_special_pid

[Niels de Vos] gfapi: set need_lookup flag on response list

[Niels de Vos] packaging: %postun libs ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache

[Jeff Darcy] rpc: fix gf_process_reserved_ports

[Jeff Darcy] cluster/afr: Do not fsync when durability is off

[Vijay Bellur] libglusterfs: Add debug and trace logs for stack trace

[Jeff Darcy] features/trash: wind mkdir with special pid

[atin] Swap order of GF_EVENT_SOME_CHILD_DOWN enum

[atin] glusterd: try to connect on GF_PMAP_PORT_FOREIGN aswell

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] common-ha: continuous grace_mon log messages in /var/log/messages

[Jeff Darcy] build: remove unneeded include <sys/user.h> for FreeBSD

[Niels de Vos] gfapi: fill iatt in readdirp_cbk if entry->inode is null

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: default value of nfs.disable, change from false to true

[Jeff Darcy] protocol/client: Use loc->pargfid if loc->parent(->gfid) is not filled

[Jeff Darcy] rpc: split FOPs enum from glusterfs.h

[atin] glusterd: fix max pmap alloc to GF_PORT_MAX

[atin] quota/glusterd: enhance quota enable and disable process

[Jeff Darcy] glusterfsd: fix to return actual exit status on mount process

[Jeff Darcy] socket: Reap own-threads

[Pranith Kumar K] dht/afr/client/posix: Fail mkdir without gfid-req

[Jeff Darcy] glusterd: persist brickinfo->real_path

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Entry self-heal performance enhancements

[Pranith Kumar K] rpc: added structures to support compound fops

[Pranith Kumar K] libglusterfs : packing functions for compound fops

[Vijay Bellur] geo-rep: Fix gluster binary invocation while running as cron

[Pranith Kumar K] Protocol: Add lease fop

[Pranith Kumar K] Leases: Add a server side xlator to handle lease requests

[Pranith Kumar K] afr/index: changes for granular entry self-heal

[Dan Lambright] tier/migrator: Fetch the next query file for the next cycle

[Pranith Kumar K] protocol/client : Refactoring functions

[Pranith Kumar K] protocol/client : Implementation of compound fop

[Niels de Vos] tests: Add test cases for add/replace brick with granular entry sh

[Niels de Vos] disperse: mark bug-1304988.t as bad_test

[Niels de Vos] quota: mark quota-ancestry-building.t as bad_test

[Niels de Vos] quota: mark inode-quota-enforcing.t as bad_test

[Niels de Vos] quota: mark tests/basic/quota.t as bad_test

[Niels de Vos] core: add getactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] io-threads: add getactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] protocol: add getactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] posix/lock: add getactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] core: add setactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] io-threads: add setactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] protocol: add setactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] posix/lock: add setactivelk () fop

[Niels de Vos] glusterd: volume set changes for lock migration

[Niels de Vos] cluster/dht: handle EREMOTE in dht lk/flush

[Niels de Vos] dht/rebalance: add lock migration fop to dht_migrate_file

[Niels de Vos] WORM/Retention Translator: Implementation of file level WORM

[Niels de Vos] protocol/server: Implementation of compound fop

[atin] glusterd/bitrot: Fix bit-rot scrub status

[Venky Shankar] features/bitrot: Introduce scrubber monitor thread

[atin] cli/bitrot: Unmask scrub statistics

[Raghavendra G] cluster/dht: Handle rmdir failure correctly

[Pranith Kumar K] features/locks: Implement mandatory locks

[Jeff Darcy] disperse: mark bug-1236065.t as bad_test

[Jeff Darcy] posix: Set correct d_type for readdirp() calls

[Jeff Darcy] cluster/ec: Fix issues with eager locking

[Jeff Darcy] features/bitrot: Fix Compilation Warning!!!

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] gfapi/upcall: Ignore handle create failures

[Jeff Darcy] protocol/server: address double free's

[atin] glusterd: remove-brick commit should not succeed when migration failed

[Raghavendra G] rpc: define client port range

[atin] glusterd/bitrot: Fix bitrot xlator_type

[atin] mgmt/glusterd: Fix op-version for mandatory-locking volume set option

[Raghavendra Talur] tests: Move tests/bitrot/br-state-check.t to bad test

[Raghavendra G] glusterd: add defence mechanism to avoid brick port clashes

[Raghavendra Talur] quota/tests : remove quota-ancestry-building.t from bad tests

[Raghavendra Talur] quota/tests : remove inode-quota-enforcing.t from bad tests

[Raghavendra Talur] tests: assign bug id for br-state-check known issue

[Jeff Darcy] protocol/client: fix coding style violations

[Jeff Darcy] libglusterfs: Fix security prefix comparison

[Raghavendra G] performance/write-behind: guaranteed retry after a short write

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Don't let NFS cache stat after writes

[Pranith Kumar K] heal: Fix incorrect heal info output

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/dht: Perform NULL check on xdata before dict_get()

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaflibs:Added snapshot library functions in distaf

[atin] Tier/glusterd: Resetting the tier status value to not started

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] NFS-Ganesha : Parse the Export_Id correctly for unexporting volume

[Pranith Kumar K] protocol/client: Filter o-direct in readv/writev

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Do heals with shd pid

[atin] glusterd-ganesha : copy ganesha export configuration files during

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] Adding io_libs to the distaflibs namespace packages

[Raghavendra G] dht:remember locked subvol and send unlock to the same

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] remove unused variables

[Pranith Kumar K] gfapi: Fix a deadlock caused by graph switch while aio in progress

[Dan Lambright] tier/detach : During detach check if background fixlayout is done

[atin] heal/xml : xml implementation of heal info and splitbrain info

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: additional dirs and files in /var/lib/glusterd/

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: resource-agents sub-package needs arch-less requires

[Raghavendra G] readdir-ahead: Prefetch xattrs needed by md-cache

[Pranith Kumar K] client: Fix the message ids

[Niels de Vos] libglusterfs/gfapi: set appropriate errno for inode_link failures

[Niels de Vos] features/worm: When disabled, worm xl must directly pass fops to its

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] gfapi: fix compile warning on 32-bit systems

[Pranith Kumar K] gfapi: clear loc.gfid when retrying after ESTALE

[Raghavendra G] socket: Fix incorrect handling of partial reads

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaf: Adding README about distaf gluster tests

[Niels de Vos] upcall: Add support to invalidate xattrs

[Dan Lambright] tier: avoid pthread_join if pthread_create fails

[Pranith Kumar K] locks: Fix a compile warning to use labs instead of abs

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Handle non-zero source in heal-info decision

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: additional dirs and files in /var/lib/glusterd/

[Raghavendra G] mount/fuse: Log gfid and fd ptr as well when writev/readv fail

[Aravinda VK] glusterd/geo-rep: slave volume uuid to identify a geo-rep session

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] packaging: %postun libs ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache

[Niels de Vos] ganesha/scripts : Fixing refresh config in ganesha-ha.sh

[Jeff Darcy] glusterfsd: explicitly turn on encryption for volfile fetch

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] index: Fix compiler warning

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] extras: stop all include glusterfs process as well

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr : Do post-op in case of symmetric errors

[Dan Lambright] tier/detach: Clear tier-fix-layout-complete xattr after migration

[Niels de Vos] configure: Prevent glupy installation outside $prefix

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] common-ha: floating IP (VIP) doesn't fail over when ganesha.nfsd dies

[Raghavendra G] leases: Fix the notify being lost

[Dan Lambright] cluster/tier: downgrade max-cycle-time log message to INFO

[Raghavendra G] cluster/distribute: use a linked inode in directory heal codepath

[Raghavendra G] cluster/distribute: heal layout in discover codepath too

[Vijay Bellur] core: correct the if-statment in inode_set_need_lookup()

[Pranith Kumar K] Revert "features/shard: Make o-direct writes work with sharding"

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaf: Added library functions for gluster rebalance operations

[Kaushal M] glusterd: copy real_path from older brickinfo during brick import

[Niels de Vos] core: assorted typos and spelling mistakes reported by Debian lintian

[Niels de Vos] scripts: bash-isms in scripts

[Raghavendra G] dht: rename takes lock on parent directory if destination exists

[Raghavendra G] rpc: change client insecure port ceiling from 65535 to 49151

[Jeff Darcy] extra/devel-vagrant: accept gluster src location from user

[Jeff Darcy] git-branch-diff: wrapper script for git to visualize backports

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: If possible give errno received from lower xlators

[Pranith Kumar K] leases: Fix failure of RD_lease request in certain scenario

[Pranith Kumar K] upcall: pass dict with xattrs on xattr invalidation

[Pranith Kumar K] leases: Send "this" as cookie to the timer handler

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] common-ha: stonith-enabled option set error in new pacemaker

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] Adding proper doc_strings to the functions and modifying the existing

[Jeff Darcy] leases: Do not init the threads when lease is disabled

[atin] cli/glusterd: add/remove brick fixes for arbiter volumes

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Refresh inode for inode-write fops in need

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Do not inode_link in afr

[Pranith Kumar K] core: Honour mandatory lock flags during lock migration

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaf: Adding GlusterBaseClass to distaflibs-gluster

[atin] tier/cli : printing a warning instead of skipping the node

[Pranith Kumar K] features/shard: Get hard-link-count in {unlink,rename}_cbk before

[Pranith Kumar K] tests: Add afr/tarissue.t to bad tests

[Niels de Vos] index: improve compiler warning fix

[Niels de Vos] common-ha: log flooded with Could not map name=xxxx to a UUID

[Jeff Darcy] nfs: strip trailing / when clients do subdir mounts

[Jeff Darcy] fuse: unref dict even if fuse_first_lookup fails

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Check for required number of entrylks

[Niels de Vos] common-ha: post fail-back, ganesha.nfsds are not put into NFS-GRACE

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] common-ha: wait for cluster to elect DC before accessing CIB

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] build: include a dummy config.sub and config.guess in releases

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/ec: Use correct log levels

[Niels de Vos] gfapi/upcall: Use GF_CALLOC while allocating variables

[Jeff Darcy] dht/rebalance: mark hardlink failures as skipped in rebalance

[Jeff Darcy] dht: selfheal should wind mkdir call to subvols with ESTALE error

[Jeff Darcy] snapshot/uss: log is filled with gfid is NULL error

[Jeff Darcy] snapshot/uss: client log is filled with "invalid argument: inode" error

[atin] Glusterd: printing the node details on error message of rebalance

[Jeff Darcy] jbr: Making fop functions more modular to reuse more code

[Jeff Darcy] afr: Automagic unsplit-brain by [ctime|mtime|size|majority]

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Attempt name-index purge even on full-heal of directory

[Jeff Darcy] jbr/locking: Define path for lock/unlock fops in JBR

[Jeff Darcy] core: assorted spelling mistakes reported by Debian

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY] ganesha: fix the shebang for the copy-export script

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Fix warning about unused variable

[Raghavendra G] tests/write-behind: move 1279730.t to BAD tests

[Aravinda VK] geo-rep: Handle Worker kill gracefully if worker already died

[Pranith Kumar K] tests: Add more tests for granular entry self-heal feature

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr: Unwind xdata_rsp even in case of failures

[Niels de Vos] fuse: accept the -s option to allow automounting

[Pranith Kumar K] storage/posix: Print offset,size and gfid too when readv fails

[Pranith Kumar K] cli: Add test for heal info with ssl on

[Aravinda VK] geo-rep: update peers section in gsyncd conf

[Niels de Vos] gfapi/upcall : remove unused variable ret in glfs_h_find_handle

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/afr adding test case for http://review.gluster.org/#/c/14553/

[Jeff Darcy] features/worm: updating function names & unwinding FOPs with op_errno

[Jeff Darcy] snapshot/uss: client-side log is filled with "invalid-argument" error

[Jeff Darcy] features/changelog: Change barrier notification mechanism

[Jeff Darcy] protocol/client:  Reflect readv/writev changes in filter-O_DIRECT

[Pranith Kumar K] leases: Fix the recall code path

[Pranith Kumar K] features/index: Exclude gfid-type for '.', '..'

[Jeff Darcy] glusterfsd/main: Add ability to set oom_score_adj

[Jeff Darcy] cluster/afr: Unwind with xdata in inode-write fops

[Jeff Darcy] __inode_ctx_put: fix mem leak on failure

[Jeff Darcy] libglusterfs (timer): race conditions, illegal mem access, mem leak

[Jeff Darcy] build: RHEL7 unpackaged files

[Rajesh Joseph] glusterd/snapshot: Fix snapshot creation with geo-rep

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] Added timeout value to wait for rebalance to complete and removed older

[atin] glusterd: volgen and volume set changes for leases

[Rajesh Joseph] glusterd/snapshot: remove quota related options from snap volfile

[Raghavendra G] posix/lock: implement meta-lock/unlock functionality

[Raghavendra G] dht : add metalock/unlock

[Aravinda VK] geo-rep: Fix volume stop with geo-rep session

[Pranith Kumar K] posix, shard: Use page-aligned buffer for o-direct reads

[Pranith Kumar K] cluster/ec: Add/Modify description for eager-lock option

[Aravinda VK] glusterd/geo-rep: upgrade path when slave vol uuid involved

[atin] common-ha: race/timing issue setting up cluster

[M S Vishwanath Bhat] distaf: Added library functions for gluster quota operations

[...truncated 1890 lines...]
ok 101, LINENUM:177
ok 102, LINENUM:178
ok 103, LINENUM:179
ok 104, LINENUM:181
ok 105, LINENUM:182
ok 106, LINENUM:183
ok 107, LINENUM:184
ok 108, LINENUM:185
ok 109, LINENUM:186
ok 110, LINENUM:189
ok 111, LINENUM:192
ok 112, LINENUM:198
ok 113, LINENUM:199
ok 114, LINENUM:200
ok 115, LINENUM:201
ok 116, LINENUM:202
ok 117, LINENUM:203
ok 118, LINENUM:204
ok 119, LINENUM:205
ok 120, LINENUM:206
ok 121, LINENUM:207
ok 122, LINENUM:208
ok 123, LINENUM:209
ok 124, LINENUM:210
ok 125, LINENUM:213
ok 126, LINENUM:214
ok 127, LINENUM:215
ok 128, LINENUM:218
ok 129, LINENUM:224
ok 130, LINENUM:225
ok 131, LINENUM:226
ok 132, LINENUM:227
ok 133, LINENUM:228
ok 134, LINENUM:229
ok 135, LINENUM:230
ok 136, LINENUM:231
ok 137, LINENUM:232
ok 138, LINENUM:233
ok 139, LINENUM:234
ok 140, LINENUM:235
ok 141, LINENUM:236
ok 142, LINENUM:238
ok 143, LINENUM:239
ok 144, LINENUM:242
ok 145, LINENUM:245
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=145, 127 wallclock secs ( 0.06 usr  0.00 sys + 17.02 cusr  8.49 csys = 25.57 CPU)
Result: PASS
End of test ./tests/basic/afr/self-heal.t

[04:43:15] Running tests in file ./tests/basic/afr/self-heald.t
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
./tests/basic/afr/self-heald.t .. 
ok 1, LINENUM:46
ok 2, LINENUM:47
ok 3, LINENUM:48
ok 4, LINENUM:49
ok 5, LINENUM:50
ok 6, LINENUM:51
ok 7, LINENUM:52
ok 8, LINENUM:53
ok 9, LINENUM:21
ok 10, LINENUM:21
ok 11, LINENUM:21
ok 12, LINENUM:72
ok 13, LINENUM:75
ok 14, LINENUM:82
ok 15, LINENUM:87
ok 16, LINENUM:90
ok 17, LINENUM:91
ok 18, LINENUM:92
ok 19, LINENUM:93
ok 20, LINENUM:94
ok 21, LINENUM:95
ok 22, LINENUM:96
ok 23, LINENUM:34
ok 24, LINENUM:34
ok 25, LINENUM:34
ok 26, LINENUM:100
ok 27, LINENUM:103
ok 28, LINENUM:105
ok 29, LINENUM:106
ok 30, LINENUM:119
ok 31, LINENUM:129
ok 32, LINENUM:130
ok 33, LINENUM:132
ok 34, LINENUM:133
ok 35, LINENUM:21
ok 36, LINENUM:21
ok 37, LINENUM:21
ok 38, LINENUM:136
ok 39, LINENUM:137
ok 40, LINENUM:138
ok 41, LINENUM:34
ok 42, LINENUM:34
ok 43, LINENUM:34
ok 44, LINENUM:141
ok 45, LINENUM:142
ok 46, LINENUM:143
ok 47, LINENUM:146
ok 48, LINENUM:147
ok 49, LINENUM:21
ok 50, LINENUM:21
ok 51, LINENUM:21
ok 52, LINENUM:150
ok 53, LINENUM:151
ok 54, LINENUM:152
ok 55, LINENUM:153
ok 56, LINENUM:34
ok 57, LINENUM:34
ok 58, LINENUM:34
ok 59, LINENUM:156
ok 60, LINENUM:157
ok 61, LINENUM:158
ok 62, LINENUM:161
ok 63, LINENUM:162
ok 64, LINENUM:21
ok 65, LINENUM:21
ok 66, LINENUM:21
ok 67, LINENUM:164
ok 68, LINENUM:168
ok 69, LINENUM:169
ok 70, LINENUM:170
ok 71, LINENUM:34
ok 72, LINENUM:34
ok 73, LINENUM:34
ok 74, LINENUM:172
ok 75, LINENUM:173
ok 76, LINENUM:174
ok 77, LINENUM:178
ok 78, LINENUM:181
ok 79, LINENUM:182
ok 80, LINENUM:185
ok 81, LINENUM:186
ok 82, LINENUM:187
ok 83, LINENUM:188
ok 84, LINENUM:191
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=84, 73 wallclock secs ( 0.04 usr  0.00 sys + 10.58 cusr 18.84 csys = 29.46 CPU)
Result: PASS
End of test ./tests/basic/afr/self-heald.t

[04:44:28] Running tests in file ./tests/basic/afr/sparse-file-self-heal.t
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
./tests/basic/afr/sparse-file-self-heal.t .. 
ok 1, LINENUM:12
ok 2, LINENUM:13
ok 3, LINENUM:14
ok 4, LINENUM:15
ok 5, LINENUM:16
ok 6, LINENUM:18
ok 7, LINENUM:19
ok 8, LINENUM:20
ok 9, LINENUM:21
ok 10, LINENUM:22
ok 11, LINENUM:24
ok 12, LINENUM:27
ok 13, LINENUM:31
ok 14, LINENUM:32
ok 15, LINENUM:36
ok 16, LINENUM:37
ok 17, LINENUM:41
ok 18, LINENUM:45
ok 19, LINENUM:46
ok 20, LINENUM:49
volume start: patchy: success
ok 21, LINENUM:52
ok 22, LINENUM:53
ok 23, LINENUM:54
ok 24, LINENUM:55
ok 25, LINENUM:56
ok 26, LINENUM:57
ok 27, LINENUM:69
ok 28, LINENUM:70
ok 29, LINENUM:71
ok 30, LINENUM:72
ok 31, LINENUM:75
ok 32, LINENUM:78
ok 33, LINENUM:81
ok 34, LINENUM:82
ok 35, LINENUM:86
ok 36, LINENUM:94
ok 37, LINENUM:96
ok 38, LINENUM:98
ok 39, LINENUM:100
ok 40, LINENUM:103
ok 41, LINENUM:105
ok 42, LINENUM:106
ok 43, LINENUM:107
ok 44, LINENUM:108
ok 45, LINENUM:110
ok 46, LINENUM:113
ok 47, LINENUM:117
ok 48, LINENUM:118
ok 49, LINENUM:122
ok 50, LINENUM:123
ok 51, LINENUM:127
ok 52, LINENUM:131
ok 53, LINENUM:132
ok 54, LINENUM:135
volume start: patchy: success
ok 55, LINENUM:138
ok 56, LINENUM:139
ok 57, LINENUM:140
ok 58, LINENUM:141
ok 59, LINENUM:142
ok 60, LINENUM:143
ok 61, LINENUM:155
ok 62, LINENUM:156
ok 63, LINENUM:157
ok 64, LINENUM:158
ok 65, LINENUM:160
ok 66, LINENUM:161
ok 67, LINENUM:162
ok 68, LINENUM:163
ok 69, LINENUM:167
ok 70, LINENUM:175
ok 71, LINENUM:177
ok 72, LINENUM:179
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=72, 62 wallclock secs ( 0.04 usr  0.01 sys +  7.30 cusr  4.36 csys = 11.71 CPU)
Result: PASS
End of test ./tests/basic/afr/sparse-file-self-heal.t

[04:45:30] Running tests in file ./tests/basic/afr/split-brain-favorite-child-policy.t
cat: /mnt/glusterfs/0/file: Input/output error
cat: /mnt/glusterfs/0/file: Input/output error
cat: /mnt/glusterfs/0/file: Input/output error
+ RET=143
+ '[' 143 = 0 ']'
+ V=-1
+ '[' 0 -eq 1 ']'
+ exit 143
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

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