[Gluster-Maintainers] Update on 3.7.10

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:35:21 UTC 2016

So I've just finished tagging 3.7.10 in the repository.

I've done basic usability, upgrade and performance tests with fuse clients.
I tested I/O using dbench, iozone and perf-test[1], and it happened
without issues.
I performed a rolling upgrade from 3.7.9 with I/O happening, and was
able to cleanly upgrade without I/O stopping.

I used perf-test script to measure performance changes between 3.7.9
and 3.7.10. I did the test on a 2x2 replicated volume. The storage
pool was created using VMs, so please don't read too much into them.

For 3.7.9,
emptyfiles_create       515.51
emptyfiles_delete       255.93
smallfiles_create       1435.28
smallfiles_rewrite      1907.45
smallfiles_read         315.60
smallfiles_reread       185.74
smallfiles_delete       363.33
largefile_create        68.90
largefile_rewrite       90.86
largefile_read          6.90
largefile_reread        0.21
largefile_delete        0.43
directory_crawl_create  637.64
directory_crawl         19.85
directory_recrawl       23.11
metadata_modify         1220.35
directory_crawl_delete  259.46

For 3.7.10,
emptyfiles_create       569.40
emptyfiles_delete       312.65
smallfiles_create       1297.20
smallfiles_rewrite      1418.71
smallfiles_read         327.18
smallfiles_reread       163.53
smallfiles_delete       384.45
largefile_create        10.23
largefile_rewrite       7.46
largefile_read          5.33
largefile_reread        0.23
largefile_delete        1.65
directory_crawl_create  612.95
directory_crawl         28.92
directory_recrawl       20.64
metadata_modify         1091.86
directory_crawl_delete  231.43

Smallfile/largefile creates and rewrites, and metadata modify seem to
have improved significantly.
The changes are significant enough that I hope they are actual
improvements rather than changes due to VM resource availability. I'd
love it if someone could do the test on actual physical hardware.

I hope to announce the release early next week, hopefully on Monday,
once the packages have been built.

Maintainers may now restart merging changes on the release-3.7 branch.


[1] https://github.com/avati/perf-test

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