[GEDI] Webpage for pointing to projects that have Gluster integrations

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Sun May 28 07:43:23 UTC 2017

Hi Amye,

You have mentioned a couple of times that a new website is being
planned/developed. Is there a list of tasks that have been identified
and need to be worked on? I would like to see if there is a page planned
for listing projects that have integrations with Gluster. If no such
task is planned, I'd like to get a page added that lists, links and
describes the features and status of at least the following work:

 - NFS-Ganesha
 - Samba
 - oVirt
 - libvirt
 - CloudStack
 - OpenStack (at least Cinder, Nova and Swift)
 - Wireshark
 - BareOS
 - tcmu-runner
 - ... and probably others I can't immediately think of

Some of these might point to their own dedicated page or documentation
in case there is a very tight integration that has their own separated
projects around them (like Kubernetes with Heketi and gluster-block).

If there is a GitHub issue that I can use to report this, I can put some
details together and maybe even send it as a Pull Request.

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