[GEDI] Planning for integration projects in GitHub

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Sun Jun 4 13:35:18 UTC 2017

We have a new GitHub repository and project management area for tracking
progress on integration tasks that are external of the GlusterFS

The aim is to show more of the integration work that is being done, and
track feature requests and related tasks. Currently the different tasks
are in a Trello board at https://trello.com/b/B2WC95T2/gedi . The GitHub
project should make it more accessible for contributions and comments
from different communities that have an interest in Gluster

All tasks will need to be reported as a GitHub issue. It is possible for
different integration projects to have their own management planning. As
a start, I have created a 'Language Bindings' project to see how things
can get listed.

Note that some projects that are part of "integration" have their own
GitHub repository (like GlusterFS itself, gluster-block). Those projects
might require the planning to happen at their respective areas. We'll
have to figure out how to reference/link these tasks from one to
another. Hopefully it is easier than doing this between GitHub and

There currently is no content under the integration git repository.
Until there is a new website for the Gluster Community, we can probably
use the repository to work out some contents of different projects and
how they integrate with Gluster. This idea/request for the new website
was earlier sent to the list:

Whoever wants to work on a project that can use some planning area for
keeping track of tasks an progress, please reply to this email with your
GitHub username and we'll make sure to give you access. Let us know what
you are actively working on so that we can add that to some document on
the new website.

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