[heketi-devel] Question regarding heketi topology and clusterid/nodeid

Grumboeck Johannes (POI - AT/Salzburg) johannes.grumboeck at porscheinformatik.at
Mon Apr 15 11:17:30 UTC 2019

Hi Talur,

> > I’m asking because I’m thinking about writing a script to generate a heketi-topology out of a gluster with all volumes/bricks in a safe state
> > to recreate a corrupted heketi.db file.
> A word of warning, it is not trivial but it is doable. I suggest that
> you build a heketi db representation in json like the
> "heketi-cli db export" gives instead of building the topology file
> representation.
> If you have the json then creating a db out of it is easy using
> "heketi-cli db import" command. One added work would be to generate
> UUID for all the resources.
Do you mean the import process will generate the UUID or that I need to generate them before.
I expected the later.

> Let me know what you think. We had plans to doing a similar feature
> but never prioritized.

Yes, this is my plan (maybe I mixed up topology and export-db-json).
Creation of a json-file to do a db import afterwards.
But you mean "heketi db import" and not "heketi-cli db import", right?
I don't find an import option in heketi-cli, only a db dump option.

But in the first run I would assume some things "as given",
for example:
- I would not consider block volumes (since I don't use them so far)
- replica=3 and redundancy=2 (since I'm using Openshift Container Storage and that's the default there)
- snapshot enable=false, I haven't used snapshots so far.
(For sure there are some things I didn't think of yet.)



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