[heketi-devel] Question regarding heketi topology and clusterid/nodeid

Grumboeck Johannes (POI - AT/Salzburg) johannes.grumboeck at porscheinformatik.at
Fri Apr 12 13:52:13 UTC 2019


Thanks for your answer. I've got one more question.

> > Are clusterid and nodeid something heketi uses only internally and are not
> > directly connected to something within glusterfs?
> Yes, in glusterd there is no concept of clusterid. It is an id that heketi creates to refer to a particular cluster.
> Nodeid: glusterd generates a node id for all peers in the cluster but the nodeid in heketi topology info is "local" only to heketi as it has to create the nodeid before the peer probe command.
Does this mean that when I could change clusterid and nodeids in a heketi-topology file,
reload it into heketi db and, as long as all references are fine within the topology file, all volumes and bricks should be safe?

I'm asking because I'm thinking about writing a script to generate a heketi-topology out of a gluster with all volumes/bricks in a safe state
to recreate a corrupted heketi.db file.


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