[heketi-devel] Disk symlink not accepted by heketi

Raghavendra Talur rtalur at redhat.com
Mon Aug 13 03:08:19 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 6:03 AM Chandidas Gharami <chandidas at in.ibm.com> wrote:
> As the device names are not persistence across reboot, I was using symlink of the disk to configure Heketi topology.
> In my setup, both Heketi (version 5) and GlusterFS (version 3.12.1) runs a Pods. symlink "/dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:00:10.0-scsi-0:0:1:0" was working perfectly for us. However, now we want to move to latest version of Heketi and it looks like Heketi does not accept this symlink as device configuration. Among all, this is the only symlink ("/dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:00:10.0-scsi-0:0:1:0") which is available for a raw disk.
> I need your help/suggestion here.
> 1. What alternative mechanism community is following to provide persistence name of a raw disk into Heketi Topology.
> 2. Ideally validation check is good, but can we skip the validation logic on the disk path

We updated the validation code to allow colons in device paths. Some
of the users as using scsi lun device paths that don't seem to have
colons in them.

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