[Gluster-users] Gluster Rebalance question

Patrick Dijkgraaf bolderbast at duckstad.net
Mon Mar 4 10:16:20 UTC 2024

Hi all,

I'm using glusterfs for a few years now, and generally very happy with it. Saved my data multiple times already! :-)
However, I do have a few questions for which I hope someone is able to answer them.

I have a distributed, replicated glusterfs setup. I am in the process of replacing 4TB bricks with 8TB bricks, which is working nicely. However, what I am seeing now is that the space usage of the replaced bricks is way lower than the rest. 45% vs. 90%, which makes sense because the disk is now twice as large.

As I understand it, this won't balance out automatically and I need to run a rebalance process to ditribute the data evenly across the bricks.
  * What does the "fix-layout" option do exactly? Does it only correct/adjust gluster metadata, meaning it should be finished quite quickly? * Would the "fix-layout" option be required in this scenario? I know it is required when adding/removing bricks. But in my scenario the amount of bricks has stayed the same, only the size has changed. * Will the rebalance read/write all data, or only the data that is causing the imbalance (only moving the excess data on the fuller bricks to the lesser-full bricks). * What does the "force" option do exactly? I read something about link files and performance impact if you do not use the "force" option. * Should I use the "force" option in my scenario, or not?
Thanks in advance!

Groet / Cheers,
Patrick Dijkgraaf
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