[Gluster-users] hardware issues and new server advice

Martin Bähr mbaehr+gluster at realss.com
Sat Mar 25 01:39:38 UTC 2023

Excerpts from Strahil Nikolov's message of 2023-03-24 21:11:28 +0000:
> Gluster excells when you have more servers and clients to consume that data.

you mean multiple smaller servers are better than one large server?

> LVM cache (NVMEs)

we only have a few clients. gluster is for us effectively only a
scalable large file storage for one application. new files are written
once and then access to files is rather random (users accessing their
albums) so that i don't see a benefit in using a cache. (and we also
have a webcache which covers most of the repeated access from clients)

> @Martin,
> in order to get a more reliable setup, you will have to either get
> more servers and switch to distributed-replicated volume(s) or

that is the plan. we are not considering dispersed volumes. with the
small file sized that doesn't seem worth it. besides, with regular
volumes the files remain accessible even if gluster itself fails (which
is the case now, as healing causes our raid to fail, we decided to turn
off gluster on the old servers, and simply copy the raw files from the
gluster storage to the new gluster once that is set up).

greetings, martin.

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