[Gluster-users] Regarding Glusterfs file locking

Maaz Sheikh maaz.sheikh at impetus.com
Tue Jan 31 08:13:15 UTC 2023

Team, please let us know if u have any feedback.
From: Maaz Sheikh
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Subject: Regarding Glusterfs file locking

Greetings of the day,

Our configuration is like:
We have installed both glusterFS server and GlusterFS client on node1 as well as node2. We have mounted node1 volume to both nodes.

Our use case is :
>From glusterFS node 1, we have to take an exclusive lock and open a file (which is a shared file between both the nodes) and we should write/read in that file.
>From glusterFS node 2, we should not be able to read/write that file.

Now the problem we are facing is:
>From node1, we are able to take an exclusive lock and the program has started writing in that shared file.
>From node2, we are able to read and write on that file which should not happen because node1 has already acquired the lock on that file.

Therefore, requesting you to please provide us a solution asap.

Maaz Sheikh
Associate Software Engineer
Impetus Technologies India


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