[Gluster-users] Debian repository problem

Emmanuel BENOIT emmanuel.benoit at agrocampus-ouest.fr
Fri Sep 23 05:59:16 UTC 2022


I believe there is a problem with the Debian package repository for Gluster.

I've had errors from machines that are supposed to use it as a source, 
and when I tried to take a look at it, the directories which are 
supposed to contain the repository structure contain a single tarball.

I kind of expected this to fix itself automatically, but it didn't. 
Where should I report this problem ?

Best regards,

Emmanuel Benoît <emmanuel.benoit at agrocampus-ouest.fr>
Agrocampus-Ouest - Angers
2, rue André Le Nôtre / 49045 ANGERS Cedex 01
@ebenoit sur https://chat.agrocampus-ouest.fr
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