[Gluster-users] Right way to use community Gluster on genuine RHEL?

Ville-Pekka Vainio ville-pekka.vainio at csc.fi
Mon Nov 21 11:52:54 UTC 2022


I’m reviving an old thread, because my questions are related to the original topic.

Are there any community packages available in any repository which are built against the stable Alma or Rocky 9?
Is there a risk that Gluster packages built against CentOS 9 Stream would at some point be incompatible with the stable Alma/Rocky 9?

RH promises ABI compatibility for some libraries, but if I understand correctly, liburcu (the RPM named userspace-rcu) is not one of those and there’s a chance it could change between EL9 minor releases.

I’m able to rebuild the srpm, if needed, but it’d be convenient if there was a repository.

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