[Gluster-users] glustereventsd takes huge memory without any usage

Ingo Fischer ingo at fischer-ka.de
Mon May 23 21:11:18 UTC 2022


while checking some stuff on my glusterfs cluster I noticed on some 
machines that glustereventsd took 2-5GB of RAM! On some other nodes it 
used near to no RAM.

In fact there are no webhooks registered at all when I call the status 
command ... So whats that thing doing and why it is eating up RAM?
Does anyone else see something like this?

I'm on glusterfs 9.5.

I only use gstatus to query the status in the monitoring ... thats all.

When now thinking I also consider simply disabling the service because I 
do not use it at all ... so, is there any need of it when not 
registering webhooks to get events from the cluster? is there any advice 
or best practices?

Thank you for your information and thoughts.


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