[Gluster-users] [EXT] Renaming a brick.

Stefan Solbrig stefan.solbrig at ur.de
Tue Jan 4 11:42:37 UTC 2022


I use the sequence below to move a brick to a different peer. I assume it also works for renaming a brick (just put peer01 = peer02 = whateveryourpeeris).  I used this on a distributed-only volume (no replication) running glusterfs 9.3. 
Please note that I didn't to extensive tests and I didn't find any documentation if this is officially supported.

best wishes,


    # stop glusterfsd for brick:

gluster v reset-brick gvol peer01:/old/path start

    # in your case,  you probably want to do something here like

mv  /old/path /new/path      

    #  add the moved path as new brick:

gluster v add-brick gvol peer02:/new/path force

    # Order is important!
    # if brick is removed before other brick is added,
    # will lead to duplicate files.
    #  remove old brick (which does not exist any longer)

gluster v remove-brick gvol peer01:/old/path force

    # probably not necessary in your case:

gluster v rebalance gvol fix-layout  start


> Hey All,
> Is there a way to rename a brick within an existing gluster volume?
> /bricks/0/gv01  -> /bricks/0/abc-gv01
> -- 
> Thx,
> TK.

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