[Gluster-users] [Community Announcement] Kadalu Storage 1.0 released

Aravinda Vishwanathapura aravinda at kadalu.tech
Tue Dec 6 07:46:33 UTC 2022

Dear Gluster users/developers,

We are happy to share that Kadalu Storage 1.0 is released.

Kadalu Storage is an opinionated distributed storage solution based on
GlusterFS. Kadalu Storage project was started as a lightweight project to
integrate with Kubernetes without using the management layer Glusterd. For
non-kubernetes use cases, we realized that a modern alternative to Glusterd
is required. We started working on Kadalu Storage manager, which is a
lightweight and modern approach to manage all the file system resources. It
provides ReST APIs, CLI and also Web UI based Storage management.



   Based on GlusterFS 11 release.


   Web console to manage Kadalu Storage - We are using an interesting
   approach where the web console is hosted by us, but no data specific to
   your cluster is shared. Kadalu Storage instance details are stored in Local
   storage of your browser and all the API calls are initiated from the

   Natively integrated with Kubernetes - Natively integrated with
   Kubernetes APIs without using Glusterd or Kadalu Storage manager.
   Subdirectories from Kadalu Volumes are exported as PVs of required size.
   Usage is controlled by using a Simple Quota feature.

   ReST APIs and SDKs - Kadalu Storage provides ReST APIs for all the
   Storage management operations.

   Supports managing Multiple Storage Pools.

Read our announcement blog post to know more about the release cycle,
features and other details.




Thanks and Regards
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