[Gluster-users] Gluster usage scenarios in HPC cluster management

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Tue Mar 23 08:01:45 UTC 2021

Il 22/03/21 16:54, Erik Jacobson ha scritto:

> So if you had 24 leaders like HLRS, there would be 8 replica-3 at the
> bottom layer, and then distributed across. (replicated/distributed
> volumes)
I still have to grasp the "leader node" concept.
Weren't gluster nodes "peers"? Or by "leader" you mean that it's
mentioned in the fstab entry like
/l1,l2,l3:gv0 /mnt/gv0 glusterfs defaults 0 0
while the peer list includes l1,l2,l3 and a bunch of other nodes?

> So we would have 24 leader nodes, each leader would have a disk serving
> 4 bricks (one of which is simply a lock FS for CTDB, one is sharded,
> one is for logs, and one is heavily optimized for non-object expanded
> tree NFS). The term "disk" is loose.
That's a system way bigger than ours (3 nodes, replica3arbiter1, up to
36 bricks per node).

> Specs of a leader node at a customer site:
>  * 256G RAM
Glip! 256G for 4 bricks... No wonder I have had troubles running 26
bricks in 64GB RAM... :)

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