[Gluster-users] Replica bricks fungible?

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Wed Jun 9 13:17:44 UTC 2021

Il 05/06/2021 14:36, Zenon Panoussis ha scritto:

>> What I'm really asking is: can I physically move a brick
>> from one server to another such as
> I can now answer my own question: yes, replica bricks are
> identical and can be physically moved or copied from one
> server to another. I have now done it a few times without
> any problems, though I made sure no healing was pending
> before the moves.
Well, if it's officially supported, that could be a really interesting 
option to quickly scale big storage systems.
I'm thinking about our scenario: 3 servers, 36 12TB disks each. When 
adding a new server (or another pair of servers, to keep an odd number)
it will require quite a lot of time to rebalance, with heavy 
implications both on IB network and latency for the users. If we could 
simply swap around some disks it could be a lot faster.
Have you documented the procedure you followed?

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