[Gluster-users] Freenode takeover and GlusterFS IRC channels

Jordan Erickson jerickson at logicalnetworking.net
Mon Jun 7 15:51:05 UTC 2021

I'm relatively new to the community but I would vote for having a point 
of presence on libera.chat, or OFTC as some other F/OSS projects are 
moving there as an alternative. I use IRC daily for supporting my own 
projects as well as related projects such as GlusterFS. Personally I 
hadn't heard of Matrix until the whole Freenode fiasco happened, so I 
would imagine others may be in the same boat. Anyway, just my $0.02 :)

Jordan Erickson

On 6/7/21 5:51 AM, Anoop C S wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope many of us are aware of the recent changes that happened at
> Freenode IRC network(in case you are not, feel free to look into
> details based on various resignation letters from long-time then
> Freenode staff starting with [1]). In the light of this take over
> situation, many open source communities have moved over to its
> replacement i.e, libera.chat[2].
> Now I would like to open this up to GlusterFS community to think about
> moving forward with our current IRC channels(#gluster, #gluster-dev and
> #gluster-meeting) on Freenode. How important are those channels for
> GlusterFS project? How about moving over to libera.chat in case we
> stick to IRC communication?
> Let's discuss and conclude on the way forward..
> Note:- Matrix[3] platform is also an option nowadays and we do have a
> Gluster room(#gluster:matrix.org) there ! welcome..welcome :-)
> Regards,
> Anoop C S
> [1] https://fuchsnet.ch/freenode-resign-letter.txt
> [2] https://libera.chat/
> [3] https://matrix.org/
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