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Thanks for all the replies. I'll try to address each point:

1. "First readable child... Isn't this the first brick in the subvolume"
Does that mean the first brick in the list returned by "gluster volume

2. "I think that you can play a little bit with md-cache"
Unfortunately I don't have access to the RH article. We would be happy to
skip the lookups when reading a file, as long as some data is returned and
the file read doesn't block or fail. Do you think that md-cache can
accomplish this? If so we might invest more in researching it.

3. "In real life, the 'best' node is the one with the highest overall free
resources, across CPU, network and disk IO."
My question relates to a slightly different real life, where some of the
nodes are within a very short latency (eg 0.15ms) and some others are
further away (eg 15ms). What we want to avoid is the 15ms delay to check
the nodes further away. The CPU, disk IO, etc load on each server is going
to be insignificant compared to the difference in the latency between nodes.

4. "Our latency check is indeed not per file, AFAIK."
If GlusterFS checks the health of the file on each read then I guess the
latency to all nodes will be a factor on each read. This is what we're
looking for a way to avoid.

5. "I think you mean cluster.choose-local which is enabled by default. Yet,
Gluster will check if the local copy is healthy."
What is the local copy exactly? I'm talking from the point of view of a
machine which is running the GlusterFS FUSE client, and is not a GlusterFS

Thanks again for the input.

On Wed, 28 Jul 2021 at 23:36, Gionatan Danti <g.danti at assyoma.it> wrote:

> Il 2021-07-28 13:11 Strahil Nikolov ha scritto:
> > I think you mean cluster.choose-local which is enabled by default.
> > Yet, Gluster will check if the local copy is healthy.
> Ah, ok, from reading here [1] I was under the impression that
> cluster.choose-local was somewhat deprecated.
> Good to know that it is here to stay!
> Regards.
> [1]
> https://lists.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2015-June/022288.html
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