[Gluster-users] Multiple writes to distributed gluster volume

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 16:42:34 UTC 2021

Hi Shreyansh,

Gluster is designed for multiple read and write clients so there should be no issues.
Actually, v5.10 is very old and even if it has issues, no bug fixes will be provided.
Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov

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  On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 15:28, Shreyansh Shah<shreyansh.shah at alpha-grep.com> wrote:   Hi,
I am running a gluster volume version 5.10, with 8 nodes and 4 bricks per node.
The volume is purely distributed architecture.

Until now I had mounted the gluster volume as read/write on only 1 host and all the other hosts were having read-only mount for gluster volume.
Now I need to make gluster volume read/write on 2 machines. I believe gluster will be able to handle this and maintain correct hash-tables internally with proper data distribution.
Any known issues in glusterfs 5.10 related to this? What solution can I implement to solve it?

Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Shreyansh Shah
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