[Gluster-users] ecryptfs performance on glusterfs

Fox foxxz.net at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 00:50:24 UTC 2021

I have a 12 node/brick gluster volume setup in disperse mode with a
redundancy of 4. On a 1gbps LAN I am getting expected performance of
~75MB/s write to it.

On a client with the glusterfs volume mounted I can setup an ecryptfs mount
on the gluster volume and have encrypted files and filenames on the gluster
volume. This works.

However, cpu usage of the gluster process skyrockets and write speeds drop
to a mere ~1.5MB/s on the ecryptfs mount.

I'm guessing ecryptfs is making a large volume of filesystem calls that is
taxing to glusterfs but less so on standard filesystems. I have enabled
verbose output on ecryptfs but that yielded no clues. And gluster logs
don't show anything unusual at first glance.

Any suggestions at where I might look for further information or for
someone who has solved this issue?
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