[Gluster-users] LVM thinpool

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 18:56:22 UTC 2021

>From performance perspective, this kind of setup (multiple thin LVs ontop a thinpool LV) will have unpredictable performance, as the workload of each thin LV will be on the same physical device.
Also imagine that somwthing goes wrong with the pool -> all thin lvs qill be affected which will affect multiple volumes.

Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov
  On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 18:40, Ward Poelmans<wpoely86 at gmail.com> wrote:   Dear List,

The gluster documentation mentions several times that it's recommended
to put a single LV in a thin pool if you want to use that LV as brick.
For snapshots it mentions that each LV should be used by one brick at
most but it's unclear if that means the thin LV or the LV of the

Does anyone know why it's recommended to do it like that? What would
be a potential issue with a single thin pool and several LV in it,
each LV being a brick for a different gluster volume.
Basically so that I can have multiple gluster volumes on top of a
single thin pool per storage server.
You have to keep an eye on the free space in the pool but that's also
needed with a single thin LV?



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