[Gluster-users] gluster heal performance

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Fri Sep 11 06:34:04 UTC 2020

Il 2020-09-11 05:27 Martin Bähr ha scritto:
> Excerpts from Gionatan Danti's message of 2020-09-11 00:35:52 +0200:
>> The main point was the potentially long heal time
> could you (or anyone else) please elaborate on what long heal times are
> to be expected?

Hi, there are multiple factor at works here:
- healing via network (gluster) vs internal bus data transfer (RAID 
- gluster being a user-space application which commands a significant 
CPU load;
- healing proceeding per-file and not in LBA order (ie: it has to 
traverse all the affected files/dirs, which means scattered random IO 
for the most part);
- other things which I am surely missing.

> we have a 3-node replica cluster running version 3.12.9 (we are 
> building
> a new cluster now) with 32TiB of space. each node has a single brick on
> top of a 7-disk raid5 (linux softraid)

3.12.9, while being the official RHEL 7 release, is very old now.

> at one point we had one node unavailable for one month (gluster failed
> to start up properly on that node and we didn't have monitoring in 
> place
> to notice) and the accumulated changes of one month of operation took 4
> months to heal. i would have expected this ideally to take 2 weeks or
> less, one month at the worst (ie faster than or at least as fast as it
> took to create the data but not slower, and especially not 4 times
> slower)

Wow, 4 months is a lot... but you had at least internal redundancy 
(RAID5 bricks). The OP was asking about running with *no* internal 
redundancy and this is the reason I suggest against it: losing a disk 
while needing weeks to heal is not good.

> the initial heal count was about 6million files for one node and
> 5.4million for the other.
> ...
> we do have a few huge directories with 250000, 88000, 60000 and 29000
> subdirectories each. in total 26TiB of small files, but no more than
> a few 1000 per directory. (it's user data, some have more, some have
> less)
> could those huge directories be responsible for the slow healing?

The very high number of to-be-healed files surely has a negative impact 
on your heal speed.


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