[Gluster-users] systemd kill mode

Ward Poelmans wpoely86 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 07:13:22 UTC 2020

Hi Joe,

On 2/09/2020 23:08, Joe Julian wrote:
>> In CentOS there is a dedicated service that takes care to shutdown all
>> processes and avoid such freeze
> If you didn't stop your network interfaces as part of the shutdown, this
> wouldn't happen either. The final kill will kill the glusterfsd
> processes, closing the TCP connections properly and preventing the
> clients from waiting for the server to come back.

Yes, a `pkill gluster` also gives a 'clean' shutdown.

> The problem you're seeing is that the network is being shut down -
> preventing the clients from getting the proper TCP termination.

I guess systemd kills the network first before it terminates all
remaining processes that were not stopped by a unit.


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