[Gluster-users] Upgrade best practices request

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 03:22:31 UTC 2020

Theoretically it should work from 3.X to 8.X , but this scenario is the least tested.
Most users prefer to go over the 3.x to 5.x to 7.x and when you feel 8.X stable enough - you got one step ahead.

As we got some issues in the past (already fixed) with replica volumes (sharding) in oVirt (3.12.x to 5.5) , I would highly recommend you to test on a test cluster (same patch level and version) before proceeding on prod.

Another approach that comes to my mind is to create a new cluster on CentOS8 and latest gluster available there and use geo replication to sync both clusters. Once the cutover time comes, you can just stop the geo rep and reconfigure the clients to use the new cluster.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

В вторник, 1 септември 2020 г., 22:01:49 Гринуич+3, Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at camerontech.com> написа: 

Howdy, all -

I have inherited a system which is running an ancient version of Gluster 
- I think it's 3.x (but I'm not at the site where it's running now) 
running on CentOS 7.

Obviously, I want to update it to the latest version, but I really don't 
want to screw anything up.

Is there a "correct" way of getting from 3.x to 8.x? Do I need to do any 
intermediate steps first, like 3 to 4?

Many thanks!

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