[Gluster-users] Upgrade from 6.9 to 7.7 stuck (peer is rejected)

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Tue Oct 27 07:39:35 UTC 2020

Il 27/10/20 07:40, mabi ha scritto:

> First to answer your question how this first happened, I reached that issue first by simply rebooting my arbiter node yesterday morning in order to due some maintenance which I do on a regular basis and was never a problem before GlusterFS 7.8.
In my case the problem originated from the daemon being reaped by OOM
killer, but the result was the same.

You're in the same rat hole I've been into... IIRC you have to probe *a
working node from the detached node* . I followed these instructions:

Yes, they're for an ancient version, but it worked...

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