[Gluster-users] Gluster monitoring

Mahdi Adnan mahdi at sysmin.io
Tue Oct 27 04:25:14 UTC 2020


 How do you keep track of the health status of your Gluster volumes? When
Brick went down (crash, failure, shutdown), node failure, peering issue,
on-going healing?

Gluster Tendrl is complex and sometimes it's broken, Prometheus exporter
still lacking, gstatus is basic.

Currently, to monitor a Gluster volume, a custom script should be used to
gather whatever info needed for monitoring or a combination of the
mentioned tools.

Can Gluster have something similar to Ceph and display the health of the
entire cluster? I know Ceph uses it’s “Monitors” to keep track of
everything going inside the cluster, but Gluster should also have a way to
keep track of the cluster’s health.

How’s the community experience with Gluster monitoring? How are you
managing and tracking alerts and issues? Any recommendations?

Thank you.

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