[Gluster-users] Low cost, extendable, failure tolerant home cloud storage question

Alex ware alexware at freemail.hu
Sat Oct 3 09:02:43 UTC 2020

Dear GlusterFS experts, I would like to have an advice (or more) from you. Currently, I have a Qnap-419 (four disk) storage at home running in RAID5, this allows me for one disk error (home storage project).
I would like to replace this storage with an another solution (also to overcome storage bandwith limitation). Originally, I planned an ITX board with several SATA ports and 4-6 HDD that I can extend later, so there should be plenty number of SATA ports (also room for HDDs in the case). Also the possibility have to be supported by the underlying filesystem.I found, that ZFS could do the trick. Also stripe sets are available. Since a year or two, the stripe sets can also be extended. So in my case, when there is a demand for more storage I can simply add new disk(s) (1 or two) to the set and rebuild the stripe set (possibly offline), then I will have some more space for my files without adding additional volume or establish a new server. A few days ago, I figured out, that a different approach would do it better and also can be more failure tolerant:  like the cloud storage.
So my plan is changed to have small servers with storage (1 disk per server). Than I started to search systems that fulfil my criteria.
Unfortunately, I found only GlusterFS that might be ok for this purpose, since I do not want to have separete metadata server. Main conditions:
 - working like stripe sets, so unit failures will not cause data loss (1 or two server failures are allowed)
 - scalable, and therefore
 - can be extended with one (or maybe two) server at a time (due to low budget)
 - cheap nodes (with 1-2GB of RAM) able to handle the task (like Rpi, Odroid XU4 or even HP T610)
As I read a lot about GlusterFS, I recetly concluded that this might also not be possible with this FS.
At the beginning I thought, that I create 2+2 disperse volume (for optimal sector size) that I can later extend to 4+2, even later 6+2 and continue.... Now the question: Can I achieve this with GlusterFS? How? What configuration I must choose? I am looking forward for advices or solutions with this tool.Regards,
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