[Gluster-users] Poor performance on a server-class system vs. desktop

Ewen Chan alpha754293 at hotmail.com
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Silly question to all though -

Akin to the problems that Linus Tech Tips experienced with ZFS and a multi-disk NVMe SSD array -- is GlusterFS written so that it takes how NVMe SSDS operate in mind?

(i.e. that the code itself might have wait and/or wait for synchronous commands to finish first before executing the next command?)

cf. https://forum.level1techs.com/t/fixing-slow-nvme-raid-performance-on-epyc/151909
Fixing Slow NVMe Raid Performance on Epyc<https://forum.level1techs.com/t/fixing-slow-nvme-raid-performance-on-epyc/151909>
Linus had this weird problem where, when we built his array, the NVMe performance wasn’t that great. It was very slow – trash, basically. This was a 24-drive NVMe array. These error messages arent too serious, normally, but are a sign of a missed interrupt. There is some traffic I’m aware of on the LKML that there are (maybe) some latent bugs around the NVMe driver, so as a fallback it’ll poll the device if something takes unusually long. This many polling events, though, means the perf is ...

I'm not a programmer nor a developer, so I don't really understand programming software, but I am just wondering that if this might be a similar issue with GlusterFS as it is with ZFS with NVMe storage devices because the underlying code/system was written with mechanically rotating disks in mind and/or, at best, SATA 3.0 6 Gbps SSDs in mind, as opposed to NVMe SSDs.

Could this be a possible reason/cause, ad simile?

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To whom it may be interesting, this paper says that ~80K IOPS (4K random writes) is real:


On the same-class server hardware, following their tuning recommendations, etc. I just run 8 times slower.
So it seems that RH insiders are the only people knows how to setup real GlusterFS installation properly :(.


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