[Gluster-users] Export gluster with NFS

Alex K rightkicktech at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 08:08:24 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I would like to export gluster volume (which is a replica 3) with NFS so as
to use for persistent container storage. I can directly use gluster storage
plugin from docker containers though it seems that this approach uses FUSE
mount. I have read that nfs-ganesha i using libgfapi which provides better
performance thus trying to use NFS through it.

I am just starting with nfs-ganesha and following the doc

I am a bit confused with the best approach for high availability. I am
already using pacemaker/corosync for other services and have a virtual IP
for the cluster. I was thinking that each container can use the locally
exposed NFS share (using localhost as the IP/domain of the NFS server, each
container its own separate share). Reading the HA setup at the above link,
it mentions the use of ganesha-ha.conf which incorporates some
HA_CLUSTER_NODES  etc parameters. I do not see the reason to go like that
since HA is managed from gluster already.  Also at same doc it mentions
that this HA approach is to be replaced from storhaug which when checking
at github seems like an idle repo for years.  What is the best approach for
HA using nf-ganesha?

Thank you,
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