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Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
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We also looked into tendrl some time ago, but in an enterprise environment it simply can not be used (talking about 40+ gluster clusters), and it indeed randomly fails without proper ways to 'get it up' again. 
Apart from regular process monitoring we also make use of a collectd plugin for gluster which works decent enough (https://github.com/gluster/gluster-collectd) and allows for gluster metrics, along-side system metrics to be monitored. 

We don't even yet use all the metrics exposed by that collectd plugin, but as a sample dashboard we currently use something like: 

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We have been using zabbix for tracking gluster but that works because we are using zabbix for the rest of our monitoring of things like network and disk IO. 

One thing to track that is not part of the usual suspects is the heal counts. 
They should always be 0 unless you have a problem somewhere. 

On 10/27/20 12:25 AM, Mahdi Adnan wrote: 


How do you keep track of the health status of your Gluster volumes? When Brick went down (crash, failure, shutdown), node failure, peering issue, on-going healing? 

Gluster Tendrl is complex and sometimes it's broken, Prometheus exporter still lacking, gstatus is basic. 

Currently, to monitor a Gluster volume, a custom script should be used to gather whatever info needed for monitoring or a combination of the mentioned tools. 

Can Gluster have something similar to Ceph and display the health of the entire cluster? I know Ceph uses it’s “Monitors” to keep track of everything going inside the cluster, but Gluster should also have a way to keep track of the cluster’s health. 

How’s the community experience with Gluster monitoring? How are you managing and tracking alerts and issues? Any recommendations? 

Thank you. 



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