[Gluster-users] Is rebalance in progress or not?

Alexander Iliev ailiev+gluster at mamul.org
Sun Mar 15 09:50:32 UTC 2020

Hi list,

I was having some issues with one of my Gluster nodes so I ended up 
re-installing it. Now I want to re-add the bricks for my main volume and 
I'm having the following issue - when I try to add the bricks I get:

 > # gluster volume add-brick store1 replica 3 <bricks ...>
 > volume add-brick: failed: Pre Validation failed on 
Volume name store1 rebalance is in progress. Please retry after completion

But then if I get the rebalance status I get:

 > # gluster volume rebalance store1 status
 > volume rebalance: store1: failed: Rebalance not started for volume 

And if I try to start the rebalancing I get:

 > # gluster volume rebalance store1 start
 > volume rebalance: store1: failed: Rebalance on store1 is already started

Looking at the logs of the first node, when I try to start the rebalance 
operation I see this:

 > [2020-03-15 09:41:31.883651] E [MSGID: 106276] 
[glusterd-rpc-ops.c:1200:__glusterd_stage_op_cbk] 0-management: Received 
stage RJT from uuid: 9476b8bb-d7ee-489a-b083-875805343e67

On the second node the logs are showing stuff that indicates that a 
rebalance operation is indeed in progress:

 > [2020-03-15 09:47:34.190042] I [MSGID: 109081] 
[dht-common.c:5868:dht_setxattr] 0-store1-dht: fixing the layout of 
 > [2020-03-15 09:47:34.775691] I 
[dht-rebalance.c:3285:gf_defrag_process_dir] 0-store1-dht: migrate data 
called on /redacted
 > [2020-03-15 09:47:36.019403] I 
[dht-rebalance.c:3480:gf_defrag_process_dir] 0-store1-dht: Migration 
operation on dir /redacted took 1.24 secs

Some background on what led to this situation:

The volume was originally a replica 3 distributed replicated volume on 
three nodes. In order to detach the faulty node I lowered the replica 
count to 2 and removed the bricks from that node from the volume. I 
cleaned up the storage (formatted the bricks and cleaned the 
trusted.gfid and trusted.glusterfs.volume-id extended attributes) and 
purged the gluster packages from the system, then I re-installed the 
gluster packages and did a `gluster peer probe` from another node.

I'm running Gluster 6.6 on CentOS 7.7 on all nodes.

I feel stuck at this point, so any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,
alexander iliev

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