[Gluster-users] Image File Owner change Situation. (root:root)

Robert O'Kane okane at khm.de
Fri Mar 13 15:49:18 UTC 2020

Hello @All,

This has happened to us for the first time and only on One VM.

I believe it happened with the switch from Fuse to "LibgfApi" in Ovirt.

I was using LibgfApiSupported=True on 4.2.8 . I upgraded to 4.3.8 and did NOT restart all of my VMs (30+)

but only some VMs, no problem. Eventually I noticed that LibgfApiSupported=False  and reset it to True.

The VM was Running WindowsServer2016 and we did a Cold-Reboot (not VM Restart). It did not come back online
due to "Invalid Volume" which was eventually due to the IMAGEs (Boot and Data) being  user:group=root but
not the meta,lease or directory. Nor any other VM have/had this problem but they were (if at all) completely
stopped and restarted.

I am looking for another VM that has not yet been restarted to test this theory. I thought this would be
interesting for others looking into this problem.

(I will ask my Colleague next week what he means with Cold-Reboot vs Warm-reboot....)

Stay Healthy.


Robert O'Kane

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