[Gluster-users] Replica scenario in low speed link

Stefano Danzi s.danzi at hawai.it
Tue Jul 21 12:45:14 UTC 2020


I have a strange request. I don't know if some gluster settings could 
help me.

There are two buildings linked using a wifi bridge.
The main building host the data centre.  In the other building there are 
an office
that need to use a file server with high speed, so the wifi link is not 

My fantasy suggest me to have a server in this office running samba and 
Gluster have to read/write immediately from the local storage and 
leisurely replicate on remote storage (maybe a replica 3,
or replica 2 + arbiter with locally one replica and the arbiter).
In case of local storage/machine fault the system have to read/write 
using the remote brick over "slow" link
and restart to use local storage when it return to be available and synced.

Samba could be running only on this office or have two instances, in HA 
cluster, one in this office and
other in the main building.

Anyone have any suggestions or have they had a similar need?

Thanks, bye.

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