[Gluster-users] Orphaned shard files

Stefan gluster at stefanseidel.info
Fri Jan 24 13:12:12 UTC 2020

I actually found something even scarier: there are two .shard directories on the bricks. One is in the root (same level as .glusterfs), and one is in a subdirectory (which is called data/host). This seems like a huge bug to me, especially because it looks as if some shards are now in .shard/ and some shards (especially the more recent ones) are in data/host/.shard/

I suspect that might have happened because I was mounting a subdirectory like this on one of the clients:
host-01:/backupv01/data/host /mnt/backup glusterfs defaults,_netdev,backupvolfile-server=host-06 0 0

Is there any explanation and remedy for this pretty tricky situation?

The shard files in data/host/.shard do NOT belong to the files under data/host, but to other files in a higher-level directory.


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> Subject: Orphaned shard files

> Hi,

> I have a 8TB GlusterFS volume with a lot of large changing data files, sharding
> is enabled because the files are rather large (several GB to ~200GB). I noticed
> it was filling up more than it should.
> It seems that there a many files in the .shard directory that do not correspond
> to an actual file anymore. Heal and full heal do not remove those files. What
> can I do? I searched the docs, but I could not find any "shard cleanup"
> procedure.

> Thanks,

> Stefan

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