[Gluster-users] Repo NFS-Ganesha for SLES 15 SP1

Kaleb Keithley kkeithle at redhat.com
Thu Jan 16 16:19:55 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 9:04 AM Christian Meyer <chrmeyer at chrmeyer.de>

> Hello everyone!
> I'm looking for NFS-Ganesha 2.7 packages for SLES 15 SP1.
> I found the following repo, but it's empty.
> https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/glusterfs:/SLES15SP1-nfs-ganesha-2.7/SLE_15_SP1/
> Since the repo is created, I assume that there should actually be
> packages. Since I don't know the maintainer, my question into the
> round if the repo is maintained and if NFS-Ganesha 2.7 packages for
> SLES 15 SP1 are available.

The NFS-Ganesha packages moved to their own OBS project some time ago.

No ganesha 2.7.x packages were ever built under the glusterfs project for
SLES15SP1; ISTR that SLES15SP1 was released after ganesha 2.7 reached EOL.

There are Ganesha packages for 2.7.x built for SLES15. AFAIK they should
work fine on SLES15SP1.

There are Ganesha 2.8 and Ganesha 3 packages under the nfs-ganesha project
for SLES15SP1. We recommend you use 2.8.x or 3.x, which are actively
maintained as of this writing.  See
https://build.opensuse.org/users/nfs-ganesha or

There are no plans to build any more ganesha 2.7.x packages.


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