[Gluster-users] To RAID or not to RAID...

Markus Kern gluster at military.de
Tue Jan 14 11:36:15 UTC 2020

Greetings again!

After reading RedHat documentation regarding optimizing Gluster storage 
another question comes to my mind:

Let's presume that I want to go the distributed dispersed volume way. 
Three nodes which two bricks each.
According to RedHat's recommendation, I should use RAID6 as underlying 
RAID for my planned workload.
I am frightened by that "waste" of disks in such a case:
When each brick is a RAID6, I would "loose" two disks per brick - 12 
lossed disks in total.
In addition to this, distributed dispersed volume adds another layer of 
lossed disk space.

Am I wrong here? Maybe I didn't understand the recommendations wrong?


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