[Gluster-users] Gluster setup for virtualization cluster

Markus Kern gluster at military.de
Mon Feb 17 02:59:17 UTC 2020


I am currently evaluating our options to replace our old mixture of IBM 
SAN storage boxes. This will be a strategic decision for the next years.
One of the solutions I am reviewing is a GlusterFS installation.

Planned usage:
- Central NFS server for around 25 systems providing around 400 docker 
- Central storage for a small VMWare vCenter cluster and a RedHat 
virtualization cluster. In total maybe around 15 machines

The following requirements ensue from this:
- Fast storage
- High availability

After reading all kind of tutorials and documentation, I came to the 
conclusion that for the expected traffic a "Distributed Replicate 
Volume" is the proper setup.

Nothing has been purchased but I think about following small setup for 
the beginning (call it PoC):

4 x server, each with 8 x 1.8TB 10k SAS disks in a RAID60
Two 10 GBit interfaces per server: One for communication betweens the 4 
systems only (separate VLAN), the other one for regular traffic between 
clients and servers.

Does this all make sense?
Generally speaking: Is such a setup capable of providing fast enough 
storage for a virtualization cluster?
Do you have any hints?



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