[Gluster-users] Permission denied at some directories/files after a split brain

Alberto Bengoa bengoa at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 10:01:55 UTC 2020

Hi Strahil,

On Mon, 10 Feb 2020 at 15:28, Strahil Nikolov <hunter86_bg at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Alberto,
> Sadly you should verify if the issue is the same.
> Enable the trace logs for the bricks and verify if the errors in the logs
> with those in the bugzilla.

Don't forget to stop the trace log or your logs' dir will get full.

Yes, the log is quite similar:

[2020-02-10 10:38:17.402080] I [MSGID: 139001]
0-app_data-access-control: client: CTX_ID:7d744c50-43a1-4f81-
domain-PC_NAME:app_data-client-1-RECON_NO:-1, gfid:
acl:-) [Permission denied]
[2020-02-10 10:38:17.402182] E [MSGID: 115056]
[server-rpc-fops_v2.c:687:server4_opendir_cbk] 0-app_data-server: 6257941:
OPENDIR /mailboxes.old/8692/211411002/Old
(092f1e28-d6a8-4ca9-95d5-75dc8ad1c835), client:
error-xlator: app_data-access-control [Permission denied]

> What version of gluster are you using ?

Gluster 6.6.

> In my case only a  downgrade has restored the operation of the cluster, so
> you should consider that as an option (last, but still an option).
We created a copy of the faulty's directory and put it in place of the
older one to solve our issues for now. We kept the old one for further

> You can try to run a find against the fuse and 'find  /path/to/fuse -exec
> setfacl -m u:root:rw {} \;'
> Maybe that will force gluster to read the ACLs again.

Running a setfacl doesn't make any difference. If we do a chmod it "fixes"
the permission problem.

> Good luck!
> If you have the option, join the next gluster meeting and ask for an
> update (if the issue is actually the same).
> Best Regards,
> Strahil Nikolov

Thank you,
Alberto Bengoa
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