[Gluster-users] time difference on glusterfs cluster

Jorick Astrego jorick at netbulae.eu
Tue Feb 4 10:04:36 UTC 2020


I noticed all the participants of my glusterfs cluster (replica 3) have
a time offset of about 4 minutes.

Before I correct this I just like to verify if this can lead to any
issues/corruption. It's connected to several ovirt hosts.

The steps I'm planning:

  * put one host in maintenance (stop glusterd)
  * stop ntpd
  * set the correct time
  * enable ntpd
  * start the gluster services
  * do the next host

Met vriendelijke groet, With kind regards,

Jorick Astrego

Netbulae Virtualization Experts 


	Tel: 053 20 30 270 	info at netbulae.eu 	Staalsteden 4-3A 	KvK 08198180
 	Fax: 053 20 30 271 	www.netbulae.eu 	7547 TA Enschede 	BTW NL821234584B01


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