[Gluster-users] Cannot connect to the cluster after customizing the port

sky x_hsky at 163.com
Fri Dec 4 10:03:12 UTC 2020

linux version: cenots 7.5 
gluster verison: 7.5.1
volume management
    type mgmt/glusterd
    option working-directory /var/lib/glusterd
    option transport-type socket,rdma
    option transport.socket.keepalive-time 10
    option transport.socket.keepalive-interval 2
    option transport.socket.read-fail-log off
    option transport.socket.listen-port 24017
    option transport.rdma.listen-port 24008
    option ping-timeout 0
    option event-threads 1
#   option lock-timer 180
#   option transport.address-family inet6
    option base-port 49252
    option max-port  60999

I started normally after changing the ports on both nodes(port from 24007 to 24017), but I cannot add nodes through the ‘gluster peer probe node2‘ command,
It always prompts me: 
   Probe returned with Transport endpoint is not connected

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