[Gluster-users] Removing spurious hostname from peer configuration

Pat Haley phaley at mit.edu
Fri Aug 28 16:57:09 UTC 2020

Hi All,

We have a distributed gluster filesystem across 2 servers.  We recently 
realized that one of the servers (mseas-data3) has 2 hostnames for the 
other server (mseas-data2).  One of these is on an external port that we 
rarely use.  When that port went down following a power outage, we ended 
up in a weird state where the gluster filesystem was being served to the 
rest of the cluster but (a) mseas-data3 kept indicating that mseas-data2 
was disconnected in response to "gluster peer status" and (b) we kept 
having to restart the glusterd daemon on mseas-data3.  Since we don't 
use the external port much and didn't think gluster used it at all it 
was a while before we diagnosed the problem.

Now we would like to expunge that external hostname by making the 
following changes

_Current setting on MSEAS-DATA3_

_Proposed change on MSEAS-DATA3_


(manually changing a configuration file).  Is this the correct 
approach?  Do we need to make this change in additional files as well? 
Do we need to bring down the volume and daemons first?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated




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