[Gluster-users] client side profiling

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 21 05:33:05 UTC 2020

>master# gluster vol profile webisms start
>Profile on Volume webisms is already started

It seems that it was already started. Can you stop it and check node's load  before starting it again?

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 21 август 2020 г. 7:44:35 GMT+03:00, Computerisms Corporation <bob at computerisms.ca> написа:
>Hi List,
>I am still struggling with my setup.  One server is working reasonably 
>well for serving websites, but serving sites from the 2nd server is 
>still using excessive amounts of cpu; a bit of which is gluster, but 
>most of which is apache.
>Gluster docs mentions client-side-profiling:
>"In short, use client-side profiling for understanding "why is my 
>application unresponsive"?"
>Great, I think this is what I want.  instructions are:
>*gluster volume profile your-volume start
>*setfattr -n trusted.io-stats-dump -v /tmp/io-stats-pre.txt
>*This will generate the specified file on the client
>root at moogle:/usr/src/gluster-profile-analysis-master# gluster vol 
>profile webisms start
>Profile on Volume webisms is already started
>root at moogle:/usr/src/gluster-profile-analysis-master# setfattr -n 
>trusted.io-stats-dump -v /tmp/stats.txt /Computerisms
>root at moogle:/usr/src/gluster-profile-analysis-master# ls /tmp/stats.txt
>ls: cannot access '/tmp/stats.txt': No such file or directory
>thought for sure I am doing something wrong, so I had a look at the 
>gvp-client.sh script, and it appears I am doing the command correctly, 
>there is just no output file.  Am I missing something?  or is this an 
>outdated methodology that no longer works?

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