[Gluster-users] Monitoring tools for GlusterFS

Adrian Quintero adrianquintero at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 05:09:38 UTC 2020

Hello Gilberto,
I've had the same questions and some of the community friends were kind
enough to send me a few things to look for

However as you have stated it would be interesting to know exactly how to
monitor the healing process.
A friend mentioned some things we should monitor from a
Gluster's perspective but not limited to:
- Thin LVM (pool should never get full)
- Number of snapshots
- Quotas (both inodes and total size)
- GeoRep  Status
- Gluster brick status (2  out of 3 down and it's an outage for ' replica
3' volumes)
- Pending Heals
- Errors in Gluster brick logs can indicate FS issues
-  Errors  in other  Gluster  logs

As for the resources used please look at
it has helped me quite a bit.

If you find out about the healing process and how to monitor it , please
let me know.


Adrian Quintero
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