[Gluster-users] Repair after accident

Mathias Waack mathias.waack at seim-partner.de
Wed Aug 5 13:48:52 UTC 2020

Hi all,

we are running a gluster setup with two nodes:

Status of volume: gvol
Gluster process                             TCP Port  RDMA Port Online  Pid
Brick 192.168.1.x:/zbrick                  49152     0 Y       13350
Brick 192.168.1.y:/zbrick                  49152     0 Y       5965
Self-heal Daemon on localhost               N/A       N/A Y       14188
Self-heal Daemon on            N/A       N/A Y       6003

Task Status of Volume gvol
There are no active volume tasks

The glusterfs hosts a bunch of containers with its data volumes. The 
underlying fs is zfs. Few days ago one of the containers created a lot 
of files in one of its data volumes, and at the end it completely filled 
up the space of the glusterfs volume. But this happened only on one 
host, on the other host there was still enough space. We finally were 
able to identify this container and found out, the sizes of the data on 
/zbrick were different on both hosts for this container. Now we made the 
big mistake to delete these files on both hosts in the /zbrick volume, 
not on the mounted glusterfs volume.

Later we found the reason for this behavior: the network driver on the 
second node partially crashed (which means we ware able to login on the 
node, so we assumed the network was running, but the card was already 
dropping packets at this time) at the same time, as the failed container 
started to fill up the gluster volume. After rebooting the second node  
the gluster became available again.

Now the glusterfs volume is running again- but it is still (nearly) 
full: the files created by the container are not visible, but they still 
count into amount of free space. How can we fix this?

In addition there are some files which are no longer accessible since 
this accident:

tail access.log.old
tail: cannot open 'access.log.old' for reading: Input/output error

Looks like affected by this error are files which have been changed 
during the accident. Is there a way to fix this too?


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