[Gluster-users] Rebalance improvement.

Susant Palai spalai at redhat.com
Mon Aug 3 05:46:36 UTC 2020

    Recently, we have pushed some performance improvements for Rebalance Crawl which used to consume a significant amount of time, out of the entire rebalance process.

The patch [1] is recently merged in upstream and may land as an experimental feature in the upcoming upstream release.

The improvement currently works only for pure-distribute Volume. (which can be expanded).

Things to look forward to in future :
 - Parallel Crawl in Rebalance
 - Global Layout

Once these improvements are in place, we would be able to reduce the overall rebalance time by a significant time.

Would request our community to try out the feature and give us feedback.

More information regarding the same will follow.

Thanks & Regards,
Susant Palai

[1] https://review.gluster.org/#/c/glusterfs/+/24443/ <https://review.gluster.org/#/c/glusterfs/+/24443/>
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